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surgicalbirth's Journal

Cesarean Epidemic
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A community to showcase the cesarean birth epidemic taking place around the world
The number of Cesarean Birth is out of control in The United States and around the world. Today, alone, in The United States 3,657 C-sections will take place.

28 countries around the world have lower maternal mortality rates around the time of birth. They also have lower cesarean birth rates, along with Midwives attending the majority of their births. 10% of births attended by OB/GYN's for those women who are high risk.

In a country that demands the best of everything, you would think that we would demand better birth for the women and children of The United States.

Since 1996 the Cesarean Birth rate has gone up 45%!

The United States currently holds an unsafe Cesarean Birth rate of 31.1% which is DOUBLE what The World Health Organization recommends as SAFE.

While Cesarean Sections can be amazing and lifesaving to mother, and child in certain situations and cases, the rate that we are currently seeing them is no longer safe. It is dangerous and deadly for our mothers and babies and the current maternal and infant death statistics reflect that.
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